Terms & Conditions

All celebrities & influencers onboard with us need to follow the company’s terms and conditions under the light of laws of Pakistan. In case you don’t agree with our terms & conditions, you may leave our platform.

  1. For sponsored/paid promotion video/picture or shoot is understood to post on your social media handles, you cannot delete/remove them without the consent of concerned brand/company.
  2. In case you have received the payment or product in advance, you cannot deny/refuse a mutually agreed deal. In case of any refusal, you need to return the payment and/or product.  
  3. You cannot cancel three consecutive bookings, otherwise your profile will be suspended for 30 days.
  4. You are bound to post at given date and time by relevant brand/company. In case of delay 10% fine per day will be charged of total deal amount.
  5. Instagram Fan DM/chat booked via us, you cannot share any personal information i.e. contact number, e-mail, bank account number, address, CNIC etc.
  6. You can not directly contact the concerned person/brand without our permission booked through us. You can not directly make any business deal with person/brand booked via us.
  7. Company holds the right to remove you at any time with or without any reason from our platform however you will be informed about this.
  8. You cannot make any further commitment to the deal made via us without our approval. If you make any commitment without our consent, we shall not be responsible for this.

Voilation of T & C

In case of violation of our terms and conditions, your NFLUENCERR profile will be blocked and legal action may be taken against you and your case will be submitted to relevant law & enforcement authorities/agencies.