Tayyab Fayyaz

Tech Youtuber

I am a tech Youtuber and founder of Kharedari. I do unboxing & review of new and old smartphones and accessories 📱⚡

My Offerings

Book Promotions

Product Review/Unboxing

I will make a video promoting your product or business

Shoot, TVC, Brand Ambassador or invitation: Book here



Video Only (No posting)

Rs 6,000

Instagram story

Rs 10,000

Instagram feed post/Reel

Rs 20,000

TikTok story

Rs 8,000

TikTok post

Rs 10,000

Facebook story

Rs 7,000

Facebook Post/Reel

Rs 15,000

YouTube story

Rs 15,000

YouTube post/shorts

Rs 25,000

Sponsor a video (pre-roll)

Rs 20,000

Above prices are for normal video

Normal Video: 1 minute

Detailed video: 3- 5 minutes (Extra Rs 12,000)

Additional Offers


Rs 15,000

Birthday wishes


Rs 10,000

Video call/LIVE Session

Looking for something else?